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Don’t Mess with Pirates

Posted by Eric on June 8, 2009


As the creators of bit torrent website Pirate Bay continue to slog through legal waters — defending their website over charges of copyright evasion — Pirate Bay users aaaarrrrrrrrr striking back against those who would shut the service down:

Lawyer Henrik Pontén knows all about getting on the wrong side of pirates and just recently had yet another reminder that he is widely hated on the Internet.

Just recently Pontén received a letter from the Swedish tax authority (Skatteverket) informing him that his request for a change in his personal details had been accepted, which came as quite a surprise since he had made no such request.

From May 29th 2009, said the letter, 43 year-old Henrik Pontén would have his name changed and become known as Pirate Pontén, undoubtedly to the high amusement of millions of file-sharers.

Of course piracy is a crime and these types of shenanigans are not the least bit funny. I wish Mr. Pirate Pontén the best in getting his original name back.

In related news, the Swedish Pirate Party — a political party fighting to legalize filesharing — just won 7.1% of the vote in the EU elections and will get one or two members in the European Parliament. Shiver me timbers!


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