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More on Palin

Posted by Eric on July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin and Tina FeyOkay, so Palin’s resignation announcement is a couple days old. There’s been time to reflect but it still looks as bizarre and mystifying as before. Palin’s press conference was a muddled, idiosyncratic, incoherent mess — about what you would expect from a mentally muddled, idiosyncratic, incoherent mess of a politician like Sarah Palin.

It’s hard to watch such a strange and jumbled performance and not immediately latch onto the fact that Palin is a presumed frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination, not because of any gift of her own, but solely because of the lack of diversity of the modern GOP. When McCain tried to capitalize on a feminist backlash against the media’s (and allegedly Obama’s) sexist coverage of Hillary Clinton, there really wasn’t anyone else to choose. Maine’s two female Senators are the party’s liberal most spokespeople and even Texas heavyweight Kay Bailey Hutchinson is pro-choice. So they were left with Palin, a politician who is impressively unimpressive.

And the only real explanation for Palin calling it quits in the way she called it quits is she is indeed set on running for president. She may be taking the advice of some brilliant strategists, but on the surface it really makes little sense. Palin isn’t Mike Huckabee in 2008 — a little known former governor whose hope of winning the nomination involved camping out in Iowa for years. She’s a former Vice Presidential candidate with 100-percent name recognition, but not a former Vice Presidential candidate like John Edwards in 2008 who also needed to camp out in Iowa for years to challenge the big dogs like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. For better or for worse (okay, for worse) Palin is the Obama and Clinton of the GOP. She’s the star of the party! She could have stayed in Alaska until the end of her term, quietly mastering policy, raising money, and still generated good will by sweeping in to the lower 48 states every month or so for a fundraiser for lesser Republican politicians.

But clearly that isn’t the course she is taking. It looks like we are going to get the same old Sarah Palin. You know, the woman who can’t name a single newspaper she reads, who didn’t know the Africa was a continent, who, with her lavish spending sprees on campaign donor dollars and feuds with late-night talk hosts, seems to better belong in the celebrity gossip rags than in the Washington Post. It’s almost like she enjoys being a laughing stock! I hope that somewhere an SNL exec is on the phone with Tina Fey’s agent.


2 Responses to “More on Palin”

  1. Santiago Wechsler said

    My gut feeling, my take on the truthiness, is that Palin got tired of the Republican Party. They asked her to run as a VP while being a popular Alaska Governor, and the run did nothing for her but bring her the always odious media attention and hurt her popularity in her home state.
    McCain’s campaign, a campaign that never ceased to amaze me at their ability to undermine their own efforts, leaked jabs at Palin towards the end, stopped her from speaking out against cheap media rumors and generally did nothing to help her (or themselves).
    As wrong as I think Palin’s views are, I think she is generaly a genuine person with a genuine desire to improve her country. Whereas I think the Republican Party (and Democratic Party for that matter) has one concern- amassing power by any means.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she joins a third party, she’s certainly got the drive and competence to remake herself- into what? I have no clue.
    I find it silly hearing people gauging whether her choice was a “good” or “bad” one, if I was a republican Governor I would certainly quit, and immediately, so I think she’s on the right track at least.
    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

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