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Relocating the Palestinians

Posted by Eric on June 1, 2009

As if the obstinacy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his pushback against the Obama administration’s efforts to end Israel’s settlement expansion wasn’t enough, we get encouraging developments like this:

But 53 Israeli parliamentarians have moved to explore another kind of expulsion: Under a proposal to be reviewed this week, Jordan would become the official homeland for Palestinians now living in the West Bank.

Among the challenges facing the proposal is this: nobody asked Jordan if it would support such a plan.

Nobody asked the Palestinians either, I’d imagine. Now this is not official Israeli government policy, but the Knesset is made up of 120 members. That’s frighteningly close to half of the Israeli parliament who thinks it is appropriate to entertain these kinds of proposals.

There have been hopeful signs that the White House is serious about ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But things like this remind us that we are dealing with a number of right wing Israeli government officials who are unwilling to make an honest attempt at peace. The Palestinian government, on the other hand, has an armed faction that is a terrorist organization.

I really do hope the White House continues their efforts here. But not to state the obvious, peace really isn’t possible when you have two sides both unwilling to recognize the other side’s right to exist.


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