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Will the Real Democratic Socialists Please Stand Up

Posted by Eric on May 21, 2009

It appears as if we have an honest-to-goodness Michael Steele success story. The GOP chairmain has guided the RNC to a compromise over their hilarious proposal to refer to the Democratic Party as “the Democratic Socialist Party.” Instead of renaming the party, the Republicans will instead “condemn the Democrats’ march to socialism.”

But not everyone is laughing at the GOP’s antics. Like who? Well, for example, the actual Democratic Socialist Party of America and its national director Frank Llewllyn:

“It’s objectionable,” said Llewellyn, “because they’re giving socialism a bad name by associating it with the Democrats, who are the second-most capitalist party in the world. The election of this president, sadly, hasn’t changed that.”

Good stuff.


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